Realistically, bionics is probably not a big concern for the next few generations. But there will come a day when people will not die because of diseased organs or mysterious nerve disorders. There will come a day when much of your body will be replaceable. Bionic technology can be defined as the flow of concepts from engineering to biology and vice versa. The advancement in bionic technology over the years has helped scientists to create various innovative materials that enhance our ability.

This may sound like something out of science fiction but it’s actually true and it’s happening right now. There are an overwhelming amount of experiments now that prove that the brain, through thought and a computer chip alone, can not only move artificial hands and use the eyes as remote control devices but that the brain ‘by itself’ can give remote executable instructions (such as moving a mouse pointer on a computer screen) without using any body parts at all. We call that telekinesis and it’s now a real thing, in crude form. Telepathy will soon be on its way I believe.

Cybernetics may not be able to quantify what subjective experience is. But the body, including the brain, is actually not all that complex if viewed as a machine. It is extraordinarily complicated, to be sure, and our brains are the most complicated organs of all. But even the brain is on the threshold of being fully mapped, mechanically speaking. And when you can map something, you can alter its functionality.

No one can say what a ‘thought’ is, really. But we are figuring out what thoughts do, chemically and electrically. With that knowledge it is possible to develop thought-interactive computer chips. In fact, they’ve already been used with success. For bionics, this is the ultimate step in this technology. Beyond that lies the realm of the spiritual- something of which science really has nothing to say, pretend as it might. They haven’t begun to spread yet, but bionics will. Science fiction is becoming fact.

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